Group of Teen Girls Creates Solar Powered Tent for the Homeless

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At San Fernando Senior High School, an all-girls science club designed a solar-powered tent for the homeless. The group of girls co-created this tent with the organization DIYgirls. Not only can the tent sanitize itself thanks to antibacterial UV lights, but it can provide light and charge electronic devices. Oh and there’s more, it can fold into a backpack so you can easily travel with it. 


What is the tent made out of?

Highly durable and water-resistant material



Along with DIYgirls, they received a $10,000 grant to solve a real world problem and they chose homelessness. In The San Fernando Valley, they saw a 36% increase in homelessness in 2017. The current number of people living on the street in their hometown is 7,100. 


Here is what they said on the DIYgirls website: 


It is with a corresponding sense of urgency that we have sought to apply engineering principles and processes toward the development of a device that we believe will go a long way in serving the homeless population in Los Angeles - a system to provide temporary shelter for homeless people.

Because this issue is very close to home, we have made it our goal to make this backpack happen. We’ve let ourselves ignore this issue for far too long. We must act to make LA a better place to live.