School Sends Students To Prinicipals Office When They Do something Good

There is a new program at this middle school that refers students to the principals office when they do something positive. It’s called the ‘praise referral program’ and it was recently introduced to Mickelson Middle School. Any staff member can nominate any student. Every selected student then goes to the principals office, where he thanks them for their positive action. He also gives them a T-shirt with their school district mascot that says on the front “I did the right thing”. Principal Foster then calls the students parents to let them know about the award.


“Kids are really excited when they get this stuff and are recognized,” Principal Foster said. “When they get called down here to see the assistant principal, they think they’re in trouble, most of the time. But when they realize why they’ve been called to the office, there are always smiles.”

These praise referrals do more than give thanks for good deeds, they also teach the staff to look for the good things happening , not just the bad. Principal Foster’s Mission is to create a theme around the school of “doing the right thing.” The response has been overall very positive this school year, so the program will be returning next year as well. It promotes positivity and encourages good deeds, what’s better than that? ☺️

Jessica Catalina