There's A Huge Party In The Sky Throughout July

There’s a huge party in the night sky and you’re invited! Venus is definitely the life of the party this month. On July 5th, Venus will be bright and 7 degrees apart from Pleaides, which according to National Geographic,  is “less than the width of your fist held at arm’s length.” Later on in the month, the goddess of love will pass the brightest supernova left in the sky called Crab Nebula. If you want to get a good look at Venus, wake up really early, just before dawn and you can witness her in all her glory.






Jupiter has also RSVP’d to the party. Then there’s the Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower , where we can expect around 25 meteors per hour on July 30th.


If you are into astronomy and want to connect with astronomers, you can find local astronomy clubs on the astro league website. EarthSky also has events happening this summer that you can attend too! Their site has a ton of information on astronomy and they even created a map with the best places to stargaze.


Want to learn more about Venus and the astrological impact the planet is believed to have on Earth? Cafe Astrology is a great resource for all things astrology.