17 year old going through chemo is told she can't wear wig to school until administration says they will make an exception

17 year old Kate Pepper was told by officials at her Dallas High School that she could no longer wear a wig. 



The school said the color of the wig went against their policies. 


Kate wasn’t wearing a wig just because. She’s going through chemo and radiation treatment for cancer. After her hair started falling out, she decided to shave it off and started wearing a black wig with a blue tint. This is her second battle against brain cancer.  


She wrote an emotional letter to her school expressing how much the wig meant to her. 



“This wig makes me feel normal, confident and otherwise pretty during a time in my life where I have so many things I can't control”, Kaitlyn wrote. 


After some media coverage, including a tweet from state Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, the school has decided to make an exception. The school issued a statement to CBS11 advising them of the decisión. 






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Jessica Catalina