Rapper Meek Mill gives 6000 backpacks to Philadelphia students

 Rapper Meek Mill went to his hometowns school district to give back in a major way. The rapper gave out 6,000 backpacks during the students first week back in school.

The first stop for the Philly native was James G. Blaine elementary school.  Here he handed out 500 backpacks that were stuffed with school supplies.  Puma decided to partner with Meek over the 2 days to visit kids of all ages in 12 of Philly’s schools. Here’s what Meek had to say:

“Growing up in Philly, I’ve watched families struggle to make ends meet and buy basic school supplies for their kids,” Mill said. “Those memories stay with me and that’s why I’m committed to giving back to families in my hometown, putting smiles on kids’ faces and helping them start the school year on the right note with the right supplies.”

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