After same sex couple denied marriage license, Governor Cuomo offers to officiate wedding


After being denied a marriage license, New York governor Cuomo decided he’d perform the ceremony instead for a same sex couple from Root, New York. A clerk in Montgomery county discriminated against Dylan Toften and his fiancé, Thomas Hurd refusing to sign their license. Dylan posted  picture of the clerk to his Facebook and said she refused to sign their license because of her religious objection. She instead referred the couple to the deputy clerk, saying they will have to make an appointment.

The post got shared across social media and several news outlets began reporting on the incidence. Governor Cuomo re tweeted the Gazette article and added that denying a marriage license is:

“an unconscionable act of discrimination that goes against our values as New Yorkers. I am directing an investigation into this incident to ensure that it never happens again.”

Cuomo then issued a statement offering to officiate their August 18th wedding.


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Andrew Cuomo Offers To Perform Gay Wedding After Couple Is Denied Marriage License

Jessica Catalinakindness