Man Living On Streets Uses Twitter To Address Homelessness

He might be living on the streets, but that doesn’t stop him from voicing his opinion on Twitter. 45-year-old Christian was born and raised in Paris. He was the head waiter in a “ritzy restaurant in the posh Madeleine district of the French capital”.  Christian became homeless after his divorce, which led him to depression. Since he was evicted in April 2015, Christian has called the streets his home. Now, he has decided to use his smartphone to get out a message on social media.

image via sky news

image via sky news


He tweeted a picture on Christmas Day of the metal barriers the city put around an air vent that the homeless use to keep warm. After his tweet was shared over 2,000 times, Parisian authorities removed the metal barriers. Not only does he use Twitter to bring awareness to the conditions people face when it comes to living on the streets of Paris. He also uses it to request assistance. On Christmas and New Year, a man left him the keys to his apartment. People also give him clothes and shoes, but Christian doesn’t keep it all for himself, he shares.


According to statistics, there’s an average of 143,000 people living on the streets of France. On Twitter, Christian addresses politician’s empty promises. People are starting to pay attention to Christian and he is hopeful that he will soon be off the streets.


"Anything can happen. With my current run of luck, I should play the lottery!"

You can follow Christian and his journey on Twitter.

Jessica Catalina