Woman Raises Over $300k For Homeless Man After He Gives His Last $20

So Kate was stranded with no gas one night in Philly. Johnny sees her and tells her to lock her doors and hold on. Then he comes back with a red gas can. Never once asking her for $1. Since Kate didn’t have cash at the time, she couldn’t repay Johnny. After, Kate came back with money, gave him a jacket, gloves, a hat and warm socks. She’s been seeing him for a few weeks doing this but Kate wanted to help more. So Kate created a go fund me to help Johnny. Especially since the winters in Philly are cooooold. If you’re from the North East Coast you know what it is. As of right now, the Go fund me has raised $283k, in just 13 days! ((update: $387k as of 11/28!!) Wow. Good things happen to good people. Just because someone is homeless doesn’t mean they don’t have a heart. 
And Kate, what a sweetheart. She had a goal of $10k and has far surpassed it. She just wanted to get Johnny back on his feet, get him an apartment, groceries, a car. Johnny wants a job so if you’re in Philly and can help in anyway, please do. If not, share this story so that it may inspire someone else to help. 💓💓💓💓💓


Click here to donate to Johnny's Go Fund Me. 


Jessica Catalina