8 Year Old Dawson Starts A Project To Give Back To Those In Need

Dawson noticed people standing on the street holding signs. When he asked his parents why people do that, he decided he wanted to help out as much as he could. He calls his project "Dawson's Universe of Kindness" and distributes food and clothing to those in need. After telling his mom what he wanted to do, she started a Facebook page

Dawson loves watching tv shows about outer space, like  "Cosmos",hence why he named it "Dawson's Universe..." He wasn't sure where to donate the items to at first, but after seeing people getting food at the Blessing Box, he went home excited to donate there. 


“He just kept bringing it up,” his mom said. “Dawson has always had a very kind heart. If he hears us talking about something sad, he will cry.”



According to the article on The Democrat Herald, "Dawson’s first load of donations filled two cars and included 31 pairs of gloves, 19 winter hats, 17 scarves, 53 coats for men, women and children, 25 blankets, three sleeping bags, two tubs of clothing for men, women and children, hygiene items, food and a box of shoes. There also were some pajamas, Snuggies, robes and flannel sheets.

A family friend surprised Dawson by making a T-shirt with “Dawson’s Universe of Kindness” printed on it, along with stars of the universe."



Jessica Catalina