Bicycles in rural Uganda are breaking poverty and saving lives

Who are they:

Bicycles Against Poverty (BAP)


Where are they:


What do they do?

Distribute bicycles to rural African communities. Allows them to purchase the bicycle on a 1 year financing plan 


How does this help?

Improves standard of living. It can take 3-5 miles of walking before they reach clean water. 


According to Bicycles Against Poverty (BAP), having a bicycle

  1. increases your income by 35% each year 
  2. Reduces the time it takes to collect water 
  3. Health care workers reduce their traveling time by 46%


Here’s what Muyambi Muyambi, the founder of BAP had to say about the importance of bicycles:


“I grew up in a nation where few have the chance to own a bicycle. It’s a simple vehicle, but it saves lives in times of need.”




Bicycles against poverty