Sixth grader who battled cancer gives back in a major way


Kaden recently battled mucoepidermoid carcinoma cancer. He had surgery to remove part of his lung. After going back to school, he was inspired to give back to the patients at the children’s hospital. Using his allowance money, Kaden bought stuffed animals for the kids.


After hearing what Kaden wanted to from his mom, his homeroom teacher Doug decided to turn his 60th birthday party into a toy drive. His goal was to collect 60 teddy bears 🐻,


“At 60, I don’t need anything. A card is what, $5? And people will buy silly gag gifts, but instead I want them to put those resources to good use and bring a stuffed animal to be shared with children who could really use something to celebrate,” Doug said.


At home, Doug’s wife Cindy has been organizing and counting all of the toys they’ve received. Now Doug has been receiving gifts from Minnesota, Texas and Florida. He’s realized that Kadens story must have spread on the internet, which is amazing because that means more stuffed animals and more happy kids.


“Just making a kid happy, I know they’re going through some tough times, maybe this will be something to smile (about), something to make them happy.”  Kaden said

Jessica Catalina