Couple Start A Food Truck To Feed The Homeless


A couple in Texas started a non-profit food truck to feed the homeless. The idea came from Joan, who said her children were complaining too much and weren’t grateful. Joan went into her kitchen and started cooking. Then she put the food together with water bottles and set out to find those in need. This is when the Chow Train came to birth.


She started driving in her own car, until they purchased a van. 12 years later, there’s no stopping Joan and her husband.


“It started off as a family thing,” says Joan.  “Then mothers of my friends’ kids started calling and saying, ‘Are you going to go out and serve people food? Can I send my kid over [to help]?’


Joan estimates that she has served over 100,000 restaurant style meals. Her community helps make it possible. Trader Joes, a local catering company and the farmers market all give either donations or food to keep the Chow Train running. The volunteers also work to make it possible every tuesday, when they feed about 100 people who are hungry.