Mother And Her Twins Start Project to Uplift Children

Jessica and her 10 year old twins created a program called The Friend Send where they send birthday cards to children 12 and under. The goal is to boost the kids self esteem, especially for those who have a few friends and are victims of bullying. 



“On Facebook, I had seen parents post about their kid’s birthday party, saying that sometimes nobody shows up, or maybe two of the 25 invited would show up. That made me so sad to think of these kids being lonely and miserable on the day of their birthday,” Jessica said. 


After finding the children to send the cards to, the twins write their messages first. When they're done, their mom Jessica adds her own love to it. 

“My kids put quotes such as: ‘Be strong and brave like the rock’; ‘Keep your chin up you can do this’; ‘People believe in you and don’t ever doubt that there are people in the world that care about you and that believe in you.’ ”

Jessica Catalina