Teen Refugees Feed Families In Need

In Fargo, North Dakota, some of the teens in the Legacy Children’s Foundation program are refugees.


 “Most of the program's students are refugees from places like Sudan, Nepal, Haiti, and more, said Mary Jean Dehne, the executive director of Legacy, who helped found the program in 2011.”


The students also donate their time to volunteer in nursing homes. Feeding families who are hungry in their community is something they also decided to do this year. According to 2016 census data, around 14.9% of the population if Fargo lives below the poverty line. 


Not only has the program helped people, but it’s also changing the students lives. One of the students said:

“There's a misconception that the only people that are going hungry are homeless, Sometimes my mom would make food, and that’s the only thing she would make for the week and that’s what we would eat," said Modi, who is one of six children.”


Even if you have a roof over your head, you can still struggle to put food on your plate. This is something that many refugees are familiar with. 


According to the Executive Director, here’s the explanation of projects the students are working on. 

 “The students have divided their work into three separate projects: a food pantry open on Thursdays, soup and blankets for a local homeless shelter serving people with addiction issues, and a food delivery service for neighbors who need help getting groceries, said Dehne.

Jessica Catalina