High School Senior Starts All Inclusive Lunch Program

Denis Estimon knows how it feels to be alone at lunch in school. He came to the Us from Haiti when he was in the first grade.  Now as a senior in high school, he’s made it his mission to bring students together. 

Last year, Estimon and a group of friends created We Dine Together , a club where members sit and talk with students they see eating alone. Their mission is to encourage new friendships and promote inclusivity. 

With more than 60 members , the student leaders plan to expand their program nationwide. 

With about 1400 students at their Boca Ratón high school , the positive change is inspiring. Estimon says. “Since We Dine Together was first launched, we have witnessed students step out of their comfort zones and go out of the their way to do nice deeds for others.”

Jessica Catalina