Over 8 thousand People Sleep in Park To Help the Homeless

It’s winter in Scotland, but that didn’t stop over 8,000 people from sleeping in the park last night. Sleep in the Park is the worlds largest charity sleep out and it took place in Scotland last night. Although the temperature was sub zero, over 8,000 people joined together in the freezing cold with a mission to end homelessness in Scotland.

“This demographic is very easily ignored, so one of the main purposes of the event is to make them impossible to ignore.” Said Social Bite co founder Josh Littlejohn. “We know that the proven single most effective homelessness intervention ever is ‘housing first’, which basically means rather than making homeless people live through years of expensive temporary accommodation and rough sleeping, we provide access to a mainstream tenancy straight away and invest in a well-resourced support structure to support them in that tenancy. That’s the core change we are pressing for” , he continued to say.

The night before the event, two of Scotland’s largest housing providers, EdIndex and the Wheatley Group committed to giving 475 of their properties to the homeless. The money raised from the sleep out will be used to help those during their transition to permanent housing.

What an innovative solution to bring awareness to the homelessness problem while also giving back. 💓💓💓

Jessica Catalina