This Project Brings Yoga And Mindfulness To Prisoners

The Prison Yoga Project is on a mission to provide yoga and mindfulness practice to prisoners. Through the prisoners transformational practice of both, they will be able to assert more emotional intelligence when facing confrontations. The organization also trains teachers around the world to teach in prisons. Currently operating under the non-profit Give Back Yoga


It is beautiful that the project is giving access to those who otherwise, would have no way of educating themselves on the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Both of which help develop one's emotional and social skills. On their site, they have a section listing prisoners testimonials on how the practices have made a difference. Here are a couple:

found on Prison Yoga's facebook page

found on Prison Yoga's facebook page

“Yoga and its emphasis on the power of a single breath has promoted for me a respect for life and a profound realization of the destructive force of violence.” S.L.

“Yoga helped me come out of a dark place with myself. I feel privileged to have learned about yoga and myself. I try to practice the 8 Limbs in my life everyday, and remember to love myself so that I may love others and do no harm.”  J.G.

Jessica Catalina