Society has always profited over us not loving ourselves. It is time we reclaim our power and step in self love. 

Our actions, our words and how we treat others has a ripple effect. You never know who you're inspiring by being yourself and owning your story.


the greatest gift you can give yourself is love & acceptance. 





  1. Weekly guidebooks + worksheets

  2. Live group mentoring every 2 weeks

  3. Tools to help you release what's blocking you from loving yourself

  4. Weekly videos (hours of video content - available after the program ends)

  5. Guided audio meditations

  6. Daily messages of empowerment + inspiration

  7. Live 1 on 1 mentor call once a month  

  8. Lifetime access to this course

and MORE !


Ready to take your life to the next level?


Learn how to :


integrate mindfulness into your daily life

take daily action towards self love and acceptance

cultivate gratitude in your daily habits

recognize the triggers of shame, guilt and fear

be true to yourself by honoring your needs 



Get mentored while you discover what it means to love yourself. This 10 week program will help you shift your mindset and redefine what's possible. I created this guided program to give you the tools needed to live more mindfully. 

 Why 10 weeks?

Research has proven it takes over 66 days to form a new habit. that means a commitment of 10 weeks will shift your mindset!


My name is Jessica and I spent the first 25 years of my life trying to fit into a box that society created for me. The moment I realized that the box was imaginary, I stepped out of it and into who I am today. Self-love and acceptance did not come to me over night, I have spent the last 8 years practicing and committing myself to this path. Throughout my self studies and own experience, I have developed basic principles which are the foundation of my self-love success. Radiant Essence was born out of neccessity. Love starts within and when we love ourselves, our light shines brighter than before.