The media and news can be exhausting. 

Every headline you read or voice you hear has something negative and fearful to say.

We're here to change that.


LovEvolution is a global media organization on a mission to connect and inspire the world.

How can we do that?

By changing the conversation from the negative to the positive. Instead of just discussing our problems , we talk real world solutions.

Media is a powerful tool and we choose to use it to inspire positive change. We cover the latest news on ideas, products and people that are leaving a positive impact on the world. Across our digital platform, we create original inspirational content focused on personal development, leadership, sustainability, mental health and more.

We don't talk about


s e p a r a t e s        us,

because we're too focused

on what brings us together. 


There are many good things happening in every city, yet the media will have you believing otherwise. I have witnessed how the media can be used as a tool to keep us divided, but that is only hurting us as a human race. Media is powerful and should be used to connect humanity and inspire positive change. My name is Jessica and that is what inspired me to start LovEvolution.

Through our mentorship program, we empower at risk and foster youth to use media as a tool to inspire positive change.