The media and news can be exhausting. 

Every headline you read or voice you hear has something negative and fearful to say.

We're here to change that.



LovEvolution is empowering THE WORLD

to change the conversation from negative to positive.

Instead of discussing our problems , we talk solutions.


We don't talk about


s e p a r a t e s        us,

because we're too focused

on what brings us together. 



Media is powerful and instead of spreading hate + fear, LovEvolution exists to remind you of the LOVE + compassion that are very much alive in this world. We recognize how powerful the media is in present day society, which is why we use it to empower, inspire and connect.  


I am Jessica Catalina and the lack of unity is what inspired me to start LovEvolution.I saw an opportunity to create a safe space for compassionate CoNversation and inspirational content.


LovEvolution is a global media movement that is changing the conversation. Through our mentorship program, we hope to empower at risk youth to use media for social good. By doing so, we will effectively build community leaders and show the good happening in underserved communities worldwide.